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Welcome to your safe place to be an honest parent.

We provide coaching & development for Parents who have a desire to change their parenting experience with their teen. Our signature  process empowers, educates and equips our clients. Parents develop both the communication skills, tools and strategies to effectively build connection with their teenager;  AND  the inner-parent skills, tools and strategies necessary to sustain the change that they desire.

What to expect from our coaching:

  • Learn to look inward to understand the disconnect between you and your child(ren)
  • Learn how to cultivate and facilitate the type of relationship you want to have
  • Learn how to become who your child needs to work toward your ideal relationship
  • Start to build a better relationship between you both

Steps to parenting with intention:


Show Up

If you are here, you've already realized you are part of the equation in your relationship with your child. Congratulations, you have taken the first, and hardest step in this journey toward intentional parenting.


Find what is important to YOU as your parenting relationship grows. Through various methods, I work with you to identify your ideal parent child relationship, and begin working toward how to achieve it.

Set Intention

Once we've identified the goals and what is keeping your relationship from reaching them, we then set intention on how to achieve and maintain the path toward your ideal parenting relationship.

Coaching and Programs

A variety of options to best suit your unique goals.

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Take the first step in helping your parent/child relationship.